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The British Council Mini Sagas Competition!




This site has been set up to publish the results of the British Council

Barcelona Young Learners mini saga competition. all of the mini sagas written

here were produced by students of english as a Foreign Language.

There will be a prize for the best mini sagas. If you have any questions

about this site or the mini sagas, please send an email to



What are Mini Sagas?!


Read about the history of Mini Sagas and then answer the questions


  1. What is a mini saga?
  2. Whose idea is it and what made him think of it?
  3. What are the rules?



Since 1988 the Telegraph newspaper has organized a ‘mini saga’ competition.

A mini saga is a very short story and it was invented by the well known

science-fiction writer Brain Aldiss. He was working on a very long novel at

the time (three volumes) and he suddenly had the idea that it might be fun,

as a complete contrast, to try to tell a whole story in just 50 words. The

rules of the competition are simple. The text must be 50 words exactly and

it must tell a story. The best stories are published each year in book form.

click here for the answers

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